Litlle bit bit about the game

Classic Tetris is your ultimate destination if you want to play online. It is a very fun game, full of exciting ideas and also pretty easy to get into. What really makes it unique however is that you can easily have an unblocked Tetris game for free, without any limitations and it's all available for you in the browser. You can play it right now and have fun with it, and you will be very happy with the experience as a whole.

When it comes to Classic Tetris, the thing that makes it stand out its authenticity. This is not a flash game, it's mostly a game that appears in the form of an old school GameBoy console. It looks and feels authentic, and it's a lot of fun to play around with because of that. What you will notice with Classic Tetris is the fact that it's really intense and focused on delivering a great experience. It has the retro Tetris vibe and gameplay without pushing you away. Instead, it manages to be very authentic and it constantly encourages you to try out something new. That's the thing about Classic Tetris, it helps you play Tetris online free without any hassle and you will enjoy every moment since it's so iconic and cool in the first place.

Plus, we are fully mobile-friendly. That means you can enjoy playing the game on a mobile phone and just have fun with it. It just makes sense to play this on a mobile phone, and you can easily use the buttons to control how you play and how every piece moves. It's magnificent and it manages to bring you that sense of quality and outstanding experience without rushing it at all. Another thing you will like about this site is the fact that it has the original commands. It's very similar to the original classic game, and it was clearly designed to cater to the enthusiasts that love this game a lot. Which is great, because that's the thing that really makes a game exciting. If you love and enjoy Tetris, Classic Tetris is one of those things you do not want to miss. You can use any strategy you want and immerse yourself into the true experience with some impressive Tetris design as well. It's not a Flash game, so you don't need to worry about having Flash installed on your computer or phone. Instead, it's a simple HTML5 game that loads fast, and it's very easy to control.