Tetris History & Success

We’ve been playing Tetris multiplayer and singleplayer for decades, but not everyone knows the origin story of the game and how it appeared in the first place. The man that created Tetris is named Alexey Pajitnov and he was an AI researcher that, in 1984 when the game was created, was working at the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

He was tasked to test new hardware capabilities, so Alexey started writing a variety of games for those platforms. He was a fan of pentominoes because he enjoyed them as a child, and he played around with the idea. But he soon realized that having items with 12 shape variations was too much. That’s when he switched the concept to tetrominoes, and there are 7 variants for that. Alexey used an Electronika 60 computer to create the game and he only had a text-based display at that time. That’s when he decided to delete the completed lines so there would be more space on the board. And that’s how the main concept behind Tetris was born in the first place.

His game proved to be extremely popular especially in colleges. Tetris did a very good job at becoming a great pastime and it started spreading around Moscow. It was in 1985 and 1988 when Tetris became global, and it was actually brought to many other platforms including the IBM PC. Since then, Tetris has been brought to just about any type of console and platform imaginable. The reason why we all know about Tetris in the first place is that it’s just about everywhere. Even now, you have Tetris games on consoles, many open source and paid Tetris titles on PC, you can even play this on mobile too. So there is certainly a vast range of Tetris titles you can play whenever you want. And many of them are free of charge too, which is very exciting.

Maybe the main reason why Tetris is very successful is due to its simplicity. The title has evolved quite a bit, there are some games that bring in quite an engaging experience and more complex, but despite all of that you always have the same core concept. The game was and still is rather simple, and you have to make sure that everything comes together in a great and professional manner. Tetris is definitely becoming more and more appealing, and you will enjoy playing it just because it’s a lot of fun.

On top of that, the game has always been pivotal in the launch of many platforms. That’s because people want a simple time-wasting game where they can enjoy their time while on the go. Which is the reason why Tetris is very popular especially on that kind of platform? It’s interesting, to say the least, and very rewarding, which is exactly what you would expect. Overall, Tetris has been a great game for a long time and despite some people trying to innovate and make it more interesting, it has still managed to be a very good and rewarding title with plenty of interesting ideas. If you didn’t play it until now, you should.